The elite tier of elegance, different styles to suit all.

Shutters add a stunning finishing touch to any home. We have three stunning ranges to choose from which offer optimum light control, allowing you to control the amount of light into your room. From blocking out light completely by closing all the blades.

Each shutter is carefully crafted to your specific window measurements and window style. Shaped shutters can perfectly cover many window configurations and sizes enabling your beautiful windows to have an extra inspiring feature.


Shutters are very effective at blocking and absorbing solar heat, resulting in lower home heating bills. 

We do 4 different types of shutter: full height, cafe style, shaped and tracked shutters and 3 main ranges called the Hampton which is our most popular, Nevada, and Claremont which is available to be customized with your own colours and avaliable in polyvinyl or real wood as well as our intorductory range of UPVC Shutters.

Our shutters are made to measure fitting even unusual window types. Our shutters are handcrafted and are available in different blade sizes: Nevada in four blade sizes -  63mm, 76mm, 89mm & 114mm. Hampton is available in 3 blade sizes -  63mm, 76mm & 89mm and Claremont is available in 5 blade sizes -  47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm & 114mm. UPVC Urban shutter are avliable in 63mm and 89mm.

getting a quote:

If you'd like a quote on shutters for a commercial or noncommercial property first we ask you to measure roughly the window or door from there get in touch either by phone or email and we will get back in touch with a rough quote. 

If you are then happy with the quote we will come round and measure precisely and give a full quote. We ask this because Shutters require extra equipment and a longer time frame leading us to have to tape down your windowsill. This allows us to manage time slots to the best ability for avoiding overlapping and other customers waiting.

Types of Shutter

Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are the classic shutter style covering the window from top to bottom. Full height shutter can move together or separate depending on if you have a mid-break between the top and bottom. Available in wood stain or paint.


Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe style shutters are a style of shutter that only covers the bottom half of the window. Giving a unique European style to your window and space. Also available in wood stain and painted shades. Cafe style allows us to let in more light than other styles of shutter to keep the room brighter even when the shutter is closed.

Shaped Shutters

Shaped shutters are perfect for unconventional windows such as curved windows, round, arched, triangle type, or smaller windows. Shaped shutters offer great privacy for smaller or unusual windows as well as great control of the light. All our shaped shutters are made to measure meaning they are bespoke for your space. For certain shaped windows blinds or curtains are not an option making shutters one of the best options to transform your shaped window.

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Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters work on a discreet track this allows them to glide and the access of moving the shutters out of the way and to concertina back making them a perfect choice for wide window, sliding, or bi-fold doors. Tracked shutters are great for privacy coming from being able to cover large expanses of glass. Tracked shutters can also be used for great room dividers or an alternative to a standard door great for patio doors. Two-track systems are available:


BIFOLD: Suspended from a top track, hinged panels enable the panels to be folded back to the end of the track at a 90-degree angle.

The three tiers of shutters

Entry-leveL: UPVC 

UPVC Shutters are an introduction to Shutters, they are made in the UK and have a ten year guarentee. The most robust shutter avaliable in full height and cafe style. Avaliable in white and off white.



Polyvinyl is our most popular shutter its a faux wood shutter manufactured from high quality HS Polyvinyl. They are made in the UK, the shutters are the perfect balance of quality for cost. Poly vinyl shutters are perfect for most window designs, they are durable and waterproof with superior insulation values. 


high end - Real wood

Real wood shutters are the elite tier of elegance avaliable in  custom colours. The unique wood grain of each shutter captures the true beauty of natural wood which transcends into your interior decor. Specifically designed to provide you the ultimate bespoke shutter capturing a flawless finish.


Popular Shutter Colours 

Vivid White - Hampton Collection
Vivid White - Hampton Collection
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Silk White - Hampton Collection
Silk White - Hampton Collection
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Armory - Nevada Collection
Armory - Nevada Collection
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Cararra - Dakota collection
Cararra - Dakota collection
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Lunar - Nevada Collection
Lunar - Nevada Collection
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Bright White - Nevada Collection
Bright White - Nevada Collection
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Looking For An Alternative



A thinner slatted slim line version of wood perfect for longer drop windows that are wider. 

hot chestnut.jpg


Perfect alternative to shutters with similar colours and a larger range with different size slating perfect windows big or small.



A roller style alternative using two striped fabrics matching aligning to act a closed slats giving the same light control.