A perfect alternative to Venetians known as Day and Night Blinds.

Duorol is a stunning modern take on the traditional net curtains. Duorol is a double roller blind, its effects come from shifting fabric stripes up and down using a chain or motorized operation. We have a range of over 50 contemporary fabrics to choose from including a number of which are flame retardant. All Duorol blinds are supplied on an aluminium cassette headbox which is available in white, silver, black, cream, and brown.

why duoroll/day&night blinds?

Duoroll blinds or also known as Day & Night blinds are similar to roller blinds and an alternative to roller blinds working in a similar way to a Venetian but in roller form, they open and close to let light in but can also be taken all the way up the window like a standard roller. Duoroll blinds are a lot more expensive than a standard roller blind as it uses twice the fabric amount as well as using a lot more components such as a bottom bar to control the fabric and cassette as a standard. 

Duo roll blinds operates by aligning two striped fabrics together in alternate positions, they are made up of sheer and opaque fabric which can be used to shade and control the light. Duoroll can when closed keep privacy but are not blackout. If you want something that is completely blackout then.

Top 10 Duo-roll Fabrics 

Looking For An Alternative



Got PVC windows? these are perfect for for your window frames no drilling or screw necessary.



known for thinner slating and bold variety of colours and able to control the light. Perfect for narrow widths.

Roller Blinds


Perfect for any window or room the most affordable. Available both manual and motorised.

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To try before you buy and get a feel for a duoroll blind in a custom space modern or classic and a range of styles to see which you prefer.