Lightweight, hard wearing

ideal for large width windows.

We have a large, up-to-the-minute selection of colours, patterns, natural tones, cool metallics and shimmer effects.

 Metal Venetians are perfect for any room particularly bathrooms and kitchens. They are lightweight and hard-wearing and with most colours available in 15mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm slating they can bring style to any room.

Why Aluminium Venetian?

Aluminium Venetian can be a cheaper alternative to Wood Venetian they are perfect for wider windows with longer drops compared to wood as they are lightweight and more manageable. They come in large ranges of bright colours and patterns great alternative to wood if you prefer a more vibrant look. with Venetian blind slats you can control the light by adjusting them and offering privacy at your convenience. They are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms with easy access to thinner slats to wipe clean.

Aluminium is available in different slats to get the right look perfect for your window size.



Examples Of Aluminium Blinds

Here is some examples of Aluminium Venetian blinds and the most popular swatch that we are selling at the moment called Alumitex. 

Looking For An Alternative

medium oak exp.jpg


Available in real wood and faux works well in living rooms with ability to control how much light you want in the room.   

duorol 2.jpg


Known as day and night blinds these are an affordable roller  version of a wood venetian blinds. 

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Highly stylish and modern the higher price alternative to a wood venetian. 

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